Process post: SEO for Authors


Ehhhh…I can’t even be mad. This will make an excellent post to optimize on my website at some point. But I sat down to make a ten-minute list, and ended up with a half-day project.

What writers do to sell their books doesn’t involve a lot of sales. It’s mostly just marketing and promotion.

Sales people are all about the hustle. Marketing people (the ones I’ve met, anyway) tend to be the ones who are like, “EEE! I adoooooooore that. Must share!” 

A lot of writers are uncomfortable about promotions…but they really should be okay with marketing. Running around and being excited about stuff is pretty awesome! Marketing does have a lot to manage and it takes technical knowhow and writing ability. But the core of it is going, “I WILL ARRANGE A MARRIAGE WITH YOUR NEXT BOOK BOYFRIEND AND/OR HOOK YOU UP WITH YOUR NEXT SPACESHIP.”

When you’re writing marketing-type stuff, don’t think, “How can I change this no to a yes,” but “How can I introduce my book baby to neewwww frieeeeends”? 

You wouldn’t want just anyone coming over to play, would you? Be warm, be friendly, be polite, brag your baby to the moon and back, and show any bullies to the door.

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