Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference Folks Start Here

Hello!  You are probably here after having spoken to me (DeAnna Knippling) at the Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference (or saw me in babble mode and were kind of leery of speaking to me directly; I can’t blame you).

Here are some reasons you might be here:

  • I sent you here for free stuff.
  • You wanted to find out more about me.
  • You’re spying on me and are looking for blackmail material.

My always-free stuff can be found here.  You can also sign up for the newsletter, which includes free stuff when you sign up AND news about additional free stuff when it becomes available.  And, honestly, you can always ask me for a free ebook copy of something if you promise you’ll review it for me.  No rush.

You can find out more about me here.  This includes a bio, my freelancer rates, information about buying books, etc.

You want to blackmail me?  Cool, me too.  Here’s the plan:  You send me a thousand bucks, and I’ll bribe my husband to dig up some dirt on me.  He has ALL the photos.

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