I just found out about this today, so I’m slightly behind, but I’m going to leave the dates as is.  I’m trying to track down the source, but so far no luck.  Will update when I have it.

Update: This list comes from Kirsten Easthope!


Oct 1:  RAVEN

Outside my hotel room window on the fourth floor, the raven rattles and knocks in code that I have not yet deciphered.  Code.  Another raven arrives.  Two ravens.  I have been here for three weeks.  I go to work, and try to salvage the wreck of the sabotage that my tech equivalent from this site has wreaked on the systems.  Deliberate.  Inadvertant.  Either way, fired.  Did he crack the code of the ravens?  Was that what caused him to go off his rocker?  Hundreds of thousands of lives across an ocean.  Arrested.  Locked up.  Thrown away of keys.  I go back to the motel room and order pizza.  It appears, borne by a series of small cars with dull, glowing signs on top.  The motors aren’t the best.  Sometimes they knock and the ravens answer.

Then tonight.  The delivery car swerved in the dark.  Hit.  Screams.

That was hours ago.  I try to sleep.  Tossing, turning.  It’s almost five a.m.




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