November Writing Updates

November was a busy month.  No NaNoWriMo, but I still accomplished about 130,000 words this month all told.

  • Finished the ghostwritten adventure thriller, finally. WHEW.  Soundtrack:  Vocal Sea Shanties.
  • Finished the ghostwritten cozy (second in its series) on time, although with changes to the plot.  The stuff in the outline wasn’t working, and the client indicated several times that delays were unacceptable, so I fixed it on the fly, which seems to have worked out after some drama.  Soundtrack:  The Roaring Flapper Playlist.  No flappers were harmed during the course of this story.
  • Started a ghostwritten near-future thriller, the second in its series. I LOVE this series, and it disappoints me not to be able to brag about it.  I’m listening to Psybient’s Greatest Anthems as I write.
  • Getting ready to write the outline for the next in the adventure thriller series.  The client’s high-concept pitch on this was amazing.  I can only hope to hit that someday.
  • Got a delay on a short story that ran long, another episode in the A Fairy’s Tale series.  Next time I start a series, I’m gonna come up with a better damn series title.  This story is called By Winter’s Forbidden Rite.  Soundtrack:  House on the Hill from Tabletop Audio (scroll down).
  • Finished an actual short story in a possible new YA paranormal series, which I don’t generally write.  (Wait…I should come up with a good series title, shouldn’t I?  I haven’t yet.)  A kid who feels like his life is a dead end finds meaning in swindling people for money using some bullshit fortune-telling skills and a few nudges from his Holmsian little brother.  Doctor Rudolfo Knows All.  This is based on the Grimm’s fairy tale “Doctor Know-All.”  Soundtrack:  This one was short enough and came out fast enough that I didn’t have one.
  • Back to writing Under Twilight’s Spreading Blight finally, from the A Fairy’s Tale series.  See, just don’t start your series names with “A,” because it gets lame typing that out every time.  Just don’t.  This book is upsetting to write, because it features all the love and backstab.  Soundtrack:  Shostakovich!  Waltz #2 and String Quartet #8.
  • Finished multiple flash fiction pieces, because I was enjoying the October flash fiction so much.  They’re out on submission and are mostly short SF things.

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