Notes on Selling Crap

I think a possible (possible!) hallmark of whether you’re on the right trail of selling your crap is the feeling that you have a magic wand.  You wave it, and stuff happens–books sell.

Maybe not as many books as you want to sell, and maybe you wave the wand again and the books stop selling.  Ooops.  Time for some forensic marketing? What do you call it when you want to find out why the book isn’t selling?

It starts to become a search for the perfect loophole:  least amount of effort, most amount of book sales.   Or even just the acceptable amount of effort for the acceptable amount of book sales.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s a different kind of “I don’t know what I’m doing” than it was a few months ago.  Which, after several years of spinning my wheels, is nice.

Right now:

  • Newletter with Mailchimp, landing page, book giveaway.
  • ARC newsletter with Mailchimp, to help drive book reviews.
  • Instafreebie to host books for review.
  • Actively hustling on Goodreads/LibraryThing when available.
  • Researched my possible Amazon lists/markets a la Chris Fox.
  • Using KDPRocket for keywords.
  • Getting into as many book bundles as possible.
  • Submitting ads for BookGorilla.
  • Social media stuff.
  • Blog (obviously).

And now I’m doing a/b testing on ad copy.  Sheesh.


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