I finished the novel!  This does not end the state of panicked scampering.  But I did give myself a break this morning and slept in, took a shower, ate breakfast…okay, when I say it like that it sounds bad.  I made my bed.  There.  All better.

I also skipped journaling this morning and instead wrote this, which was inspired by this article on why literature is the answer to fundamentalism.

1) The only correct interpretation is the right interpretation. The only right interpretation is the approved interpretation. The only approved interpretation is the received interpretation. People in authority have checked up on this.

2) Don’t read the book that exists. Read the book I tell you exists. Your friends, family, community, and country support me on this matter. Don’t disappoint them. They wouldn’t understand.

3) Only the context necessary to support the true interpretation is contextual. The rest need not be recorded. Or brought into the picture at all. In fact it’s purely a matter of historical record. Why question the facts? They are in support of the truth. Everything else is cherry picking and lies.

4) It’s easy to understand. It’s black and white. It’s obvious. Don’t be an idiot.

5) The abuses of power that arise from this situation are not institutional. Do not assess this in the light of news reports to the contrary. That guy was crazy. His behavior does not reflect on us all.

6) The real problem is that you should be stronger. Suffering builds character. It has nothing to do with injustice. You are too weak and whiny. Your opinion does not need to be heard. You deserve this. You need it. If you were stronger this wouldn’t be a problem. Stop crying. Nobody likes you anyway.

7) If you agree with me, that’s not suspicious at all. It was the right and obvious choice. No pressure has been put on you at all. You did this of your own free will. Unless you change your mind. Or do something that I don’t like. And then there were influences. Brainwashed. The media. Video games. Fake news.

8) Just follow the orders. Now is not the time to ask questions. Someone else will sort it all out.

I wasn’t really awake at that point.  Then I started reading the news.  Oh boy.

The thing you could do me if you liked this morning’s post:  check out the Folding Ideas YouTube channel.  It’s a philosophical kind of hmmmm thing.  It features videos about film editing that I like, among other things.  I recommend The Art of Editing and Scuicide Squad.  Hur hur hur…

(Oh!  The name of the novel is One Dark Summer Night, and it’s a riff on 80s-style horror novels and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.)