New Releases! A bunch!

Stories We Tell After Midnight

Stories We Tell After Midnight, Vol 2, the ghostly cover!

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Revenge, hunger, and horror—all after midnight. 24 tales edited by Rachel Brune. Includes my short story, “The Thing These Relationships Have in Common Is You.”

The Wild Hunt

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A fierce host rides across the winter sky at night, in wild pursuit of whoever crosses their path, when the nights are long and the winter winds howl, stay inside, lest you cross the path of the Hunt…and become their prey…

Thirteen tales of those who hunt, and those who are hunted! Contains my story, “The Last Private in the Gray Hoodie and Blue Jeans Brigade.” Click here to ride out!

Here Be Zombies

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Brainsssss! The dead are walking, hungry and brains taste so good… !3 tales of eater and the eaten! Contains my short story “Zombie Girl Invasion” (as De Kenyon) and my novel Alice’s Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts.

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