Interview @ Independent Bookworm

Debbie Mumford interviewed me at Independent Bookworm:

What makes the world of your novel different from ours?


I was going to say “zombies,” but that’s not really it.  I live in the U.S. in modern times, and that world is Victorian England, which I think is more of a difference than zombies themselves would be.  Today, a zombie plague, we’d all freak out be all over the phones and the Internet about it; Pat Robertson would no doubt tell us that the plague was because of sinners, and a bunch of people would put up a meme making fun of it.  Whereas the Victorians, I’m convinced, would be all, “The worst sort of chaps are returning from the dead.  Quite an issue for the current administration, don’t you think?  These crumpets are quite nice, Hartley, do let Cook know.”  We’re much more expressive and responsive now, for better or worse.

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