Day 2 of the Great INDIE Summer Read Giveaway…Haunted Empire is one of the featured books!

Continuing on research with mobile device ereaders.


  • eReader Pro. ┬áHas its own library.
  • Mobipocket. ┬áHas its own library.
  • Dorian seems to be much less used, doesn’t have a library.

Blackberry OS:

  • Kindle for Blackberry
  • Nook for Blackberry
  • eReader
  • Borders/Kobo
  • Mobipocket
  • Sony

Windows Phones

  • eReader
  • Nook
  • Microsoft Reader doesn’t appear to have a dedicated library, connects to all kinds of online stuff
  • Mobipocket


  • Kobo (although this may have been recently discontinued)
  • pReader, which doesn’t have access to new books unless you manually load them

Again, these are by no means all of the readers you can use, but they are the major ones that I could find.