Note: I’m a GenX-er.

So I got the following spam the other day:


Stop stalking me and my friend or I will report you. You piece of shit, cock-sucker douche. I do not know why you are doing this! You slept together once, only once. It does not mean anything. Have not you heard of hook up?So, f*** off and leave us alone
F*** You

The sender’s address was such that it was obvious that this was spam.

Most of the spam that I get is of the “You deserve free money” or “You deserve free sex” or “Your politics are the right politics” or “I signed you up for this newsletter without asking” type.  This is the second one like this (not exactly like this, but of the same type) that I’ve seen.

It hit me:  most of the spam I see is Greatest-Generation spam (free money).  This is the same generation that loved Publisher’s Clearing House stuff.  Buy our magazine, win a million dollars!

The free sex and political stuff is probably Boomer- and GenX-related (a guess based on the type of political stuff I’m seeing, both left and right).  So is the free newsletter stuff (Online shopping is a thing now!!! Hot shit!!!  I may never get over the idea that you can buy things online, where Millenials are like, duh–this is the type of email that I’m almost caught by semi-regularly.  Maybe I should just check this out…).

But posing as a troll in order to get a rage-filled response?  That spam’s for you, Millenials.  In my heart of hearts, I go, “Too much drama for me.  Also…the term hookup.”

Remember:  spam isn’t there to catch everyone.  Spam’s just there to catch people who a) have live email addresses, and b) are vulnerable to some type of manipulation.  This is clever.