All is going well…more stuff packed today. Ray’s computer is packed, which means mother and child are now going to bicker over the same system for a few days. Lee gave me the day off, so I drove by the house, went to Poor Richard’s, ate at La Creperie (overrated), walked into a coffee shop just as the thunder boomed and rain dropped from the sky like spray from a punctured water ballon just as the door closd behind me, finished my book and walked back to the city parking garage in the much-lessened rain only to discover they weren’t charging people that day, stared at a movie (Silent Hill*) at approximately the same time Lee was (different location) and decided for some reason not to get it (as did he), read another book (manga), ate Pad Thai, and decided the day would have been much better if I’d taken Lee and Ray with me.

Sometimes that happens; I have to go, have to go wandering, and it takes a few hours to settle down enough to make sense of what it is that I’m trying to accomplish with the wandering, by which time, I can’t have it.

From Hyperballad

i go through this
before you wake up
so i can feel happier
to be safe up here with you

*Unintentional oxymoron.