I am awesome. The first draft of The Magic Thread is finished!

That’s the good news…the bad news is that it’s only about 44K. I’m going to throw in my Storyball stories and do some brainstorming for a future novel rather than try to up the wordcount for Thread, because I’m burnt out on it right now…

Man. I put so many ellipses in the frickin’ first draft that it’ll be years before I break myself of that habit, I’ll wager.

Anyway, here’s my first shot at the premise of the book:

Sachi’s family has always possessed a magic thread that can ensure nothing is ever truly lost, but when the Snow Queen, Yukionna, steals Sachi’s mother, the shy and awkward Sachi isn’t sure even the thread can help her. Sachi and her childhood friend, Kano, make a deal with the fire demigod Kagu Tsuchi–the two 13-year olds will help him find and assemble his body parts (his father chopped him into pieces after Kagu burnt his mother to death), if Kagu will help them save Hoshiko. The Magic Thread is a story about the ties of family, love, and hate.

I was thinking about Shojo (girly) manga/anime while I was writing this. My goal will be to (eventually, after editing) make my sisters weep. Waaaahhh!!! Actually, I want to see this as an anime. If nothing else, I think the magic thread sequences could be awesome…like the (damn elipses) green-smoke sequences from The City of Lost Children.

Anyway, time to go screw around for a while. Woot!

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