Crunch Time

Apologies, all. I won’t be posting much until the beginning of December, as I’m trying to finish my NaNoWriMo novel, and everything else is getting pushed aside. Especial apologies to the Storyball cohorts…I will get caught up, but it may not be until after the first. With heroic effort, I should be able to finish. Without heroic effort…thbbbbt. And my left wrist hurts. I’ve been writing this out longhand (it seems to be the only thing that’s working) and retyping it as I go along. Every time I get to an exciting part, I tense up. Writer’s cramp! I keep thinking of that Monte Python skit.

“It’s not all gala lunches!”

Hopefully, my daughter will eventually have the chance to rebel against my creative lifestyle and become a miner. Although maybe not a miner: too dangerous.





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  1. ***Dave Hill

    Thinking of you, De! Hang in there!

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