do 2 Ur doodz = Ur doodz do 2 U

Not having a cell phone, text messages are somewhat like a foreign language to me.

Click here to turn your messages into text lingo (Lingo 2 Word).

Via BD, the text 10 commandments:

I can has commandments?

I r ur godxxor who has max pwnage. U can has no udder godxxorz b4 mes.

U can has no makes pirates jpegz.

U can no grief mes.

U can no has workinz on Caturdays

Max propz to ur momz and popzez.

U can no pwn ur doodz.

U can no makes teh sexy times

U can no exploit ur doodz cheezeburger.

U can no grief ur doodz.

U can no troll ur doodz.

U can no has ur doodz stuff.

U can no has ur doodz chickz.


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