Christmas in July Stash!

So, I have to brag. After years of listening to Lee sigh and say, “I wish we could play Region 2 DVDs,” I did five minutes of research and discovered our l33t DVD player (one of the last Really Good Deals Lee picked up before he left Best Buy) has a cheat code that lets you set it to Region 0.

Wellllllll. That plus a visit to =

Hogfather (live action)
Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – Soul Music/Weird Sisters (animated)

We’ve watched part of Hogfather…I cheered!

Lee picked up Dar Williams’s Mortal City, which is the best kind of folk music, the kind with lyrics you actually want to figure out, sung by the sweetest of voices. And Interworld, by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves, which I hadn’t even heard of! And chocolate. And tea. He knows me well 🙂

Ray walked out with the most stash, including a keyboard (music) and a ukelele. We must really love her, because we also got her about 20 lbs of candy, and the combination has been deafening. AAAAAAAAAHHH! Trying to keep the uke in tune made me want a geetar again, just to fuss around with. I’m not a good teacher, though, so if Ray wants to learn how to play, we may have to look around…

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