But can’t you see I’m the me?  The only true me?  I’m the special one.  Any group to which I belong is automatically the special group.  In any situation which is black and white, the white side is the one that has built itself around me, because I’m the me.  I graciously admit when I’m wrong…but I’m never wrong, see, because I’m the me.

I don’t need to back up my argument with credible sources.  Can’t you see?  I’m the me.  I mean, I realize you’re not me, but how could you be so stupid as to think that, well, I’m not the one and only me?  The evidence is in my heart, and that’s what’s important.

Can’t you understand?  I’ve always been the me.  In every way.  And that means that everything that made me what I am today, that’s sacred.  There is no other way to see it other than as the good, the white, the just, the pure.  Don’t even try to tell me that times were different then or that we know more now than we did then so we have to do better.  It’s fine because I say so, and I’m the me.

Don’t talk to be about that shit.  It doesn’t matter because it’s not about me.

Anything that infringes on me is an injustice.

Anything that happens to you is just culling the herd for idiots.

(This is what it sounds like, by the way, when  you need to go off about “I don’t understand why…”  Nobody gives a crap, darlin’, because it ain’t about you.)

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