Best Books of 2010

All, I have a request. This is the time of year that I gather a lot of my TBR list for the next year (I throw it all on a wish list and check my library as the current stack gets low).

What were 10 best books that you read in 2010? They don’t have to be books published in 2010, but I’d like to have books that you first read in 2010, not books that you’ve loved for years (that’s a discussion for a different day).

I read a LOT more fiction than anything else (except maybe cookbooks), but I’ll try anything.

Here are mine, in no particular order:

–Joe Hill’s Horns
–Neal Stephenson’s Anathem
–Justin Cronin’s The Passage
–The Popul Vuh (Mayan mythology)
–Dan Wells’ I Am Not a Serial Killer
–Leslie Halse Anderson’s Speak
–Seanan McGuire’s Rosemary and Rue
–Mary Robinette Kowal’s Shades of Milk and Honey (I just typed Shakes of Milk and Honey…drooling now)
–Gail Carriger’s The Parasol Protectorate trilogy (so far)
–Carol Berg’s The Spirit Lens

What have you got?

9 thoughts on “Best Books of 2010”

  1. Read my book Prelude to a Super Airplane – it’s some cross of Vonnegut and a Michael Bay movie and Lost and Airplane!. Eml me and I will hook you up with a copy.

  2. @Jess: I’m a superhero junkie and I didn’t care for SIWBI either, sad to say.

    DeAnna, my only recommendation for you is Watermark by Vanitha Sankaran. Totally not my kind of book. Sucked me in like a black hole. Phenomenal piece of work.

  3. If you haven’t picked up the sequel to Dan Well’s I Am Not a Serial Killer, then you absolutely must. It’s called Mr. Monster and is very, very good.

    Also very much enjoyed Half-Made World by Felix Gilman, which is sort of a wild west fantasy.

    (and thanks!)

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