2010 in Writing.

It encourages me when I add up the actual numbers, so I’m going to to that more often. I feel like I don’t accomplish anything, looking at it on a day-to-day basis, because I always plan to get more done, and fail. Ah, brains. They’re funny that way.

Short Stories in 2010
Short stories written: 24 (approx 85K words)
Short stories submitted: 27.
Short story rejections: 72.
Short story acceptances: 3.
Short stories published: 2.

Novels in 2010:
Novels written: 5 (237K) (3 novels under 40K).
Novels submitted: 4.
Novel rejections: 19 (subpar!).
Novel acceptances: 1.
Novels published: 1.

Murder Mystery Games in 2010
MM Games written: 1 (about 10K, still being edited).
MM Games submitted: 2 (including one proposal).
MM Games accepted to be written 2 (including one proposal).
MM Games published: 0.

Nonfiction Work For Hire in 2010
Articles sold: 11 (about 10.5K).
Books written: 3 (about 109.5K; one of the books is in Draft 0 form and needs another 5K or so that I’ll do over the weekend and send up for editing/review).
Books published: 0.

Total wordcount: About 452K, almost half a million @#$%^&* words.

Gross writing income:  Less than $3K received (about half again that much due); over half of that was past royalties from the murder mystery games.  I have sold over 1000 of them as of this year.

Conclusion:  I can do the work, but I need to get paid more.  Lee has been awesome in helping supporting me.  I am living mostly on credit cards and will break into my 401K if necessary.  I can do this.

6 thoughts on “2010 in Writing.”

  1. This is incredible work, DeAnna! Very inspiring.

    Let’s see. I finished 2 novels and started 3 total (one is a WIP). About a half dozen shorts. Had two of them published (though actually one of the published ones was written in 2009). Didn’t get paid for any of my writing. All of my freelance income came from editing, and that was about twice what I made last year, so that was good at least.

    You are very prolific and talented, and it will pay off.

  2. Not sure how it’s even possible to write and edit this much. I wrote one novel over the past 2 years and about 7 short stories. 200K words total. At this point I have more ideas than time 😐

    But at least you’re published 🙂

  3. My goal is ~1000 words an hour * 4 hours = 4K/day, which leaves time for editing, marketing, brainstorming, research, etc. I write fast enough, as long as I have my ducks in a row, so that’s not unreasonable.

    I should be doing 4K * 5d/week * 52 weeks, or 1.04 million words a year, easily, as a freelancer. I only went full-time in mid-May, but I was writing about 1K/d 5d/week before that.

    I get better 🙂

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