An Evolution of Rereading

I used to reread everything I loved.  I think I made it through The Hobbit like twenty-plus times.  It was to the point where the librarians at the town library took me aside once and said, “Maybe you should try something new.”  But no; I was going to read the same things over and over again, and they couldn’t stop me.  These were the same people who weren’t sure about me going into the adult section and picking out books there, mind you.

I’ve read through series as an adult multiple times, too.

But lately I’ve been taking more reading chances.  Both because I know how to power through books that I don’t like (because of my reading lists) and how to drop books that I don’t like without a second thought (because when I’m reading books for pleasure, they had better please me).

Part of me longs to take a couple of weeks and just plow through an old favorite series.  But whenever I try, lately, I’ve been bored.

This hasn’t stopped me from picking up print copies of favorite series, though, that I read on ebook or picked up from the library.  I still feel like I need the protection…

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