The Quest to Update Covers…

Now that I have been through an excellent covers class from Dean and Allyson…I am building new covers!  And cleaning up outdated ebook files!  And doing pretty things with fonts!  Starting from oldest to newest…here are the two I have done so far:

I’ve moved A Fly in Amber” from my name to Diane’s…little did I know, when I published my first ebook in, uh, early 2011 that I would be setting up a mystery pen name.  And this?  Is a mystery.

Someone added a neat review for it while I wasn’t looking, too:

a delightful, inspiring short story that tells how desperate the beverage companies are competing with one another. And you can’t imagine what they might have added to your favorite drink.

Thank you, Leung Hoi Tung.  Heh.

Another old-to-new cover:

Oh, yes.  Most bunnies are cute, fuzzy, loveable…but not Nibbles.   Nibbles is out for revenge.

What’s up next?

For cover updates, next is Zombie Girl Invasion.  The art won’t change, just the typography…and the interior…and the bio…and all the fiddly little bits that drive a good formatter insane…

I also have a new cozy mystery novel, Your Souffle Must Die, going through copyedits.

And my next kids’ book is called Guinea Pig Apocalypse.

And my next DeAnna story is called…”Red Meat Riding Hood.”

It feels good to be back in the swing of putting up ebooks for myself.  I took some time off to get things under control on the back end (ha ha), but mostly to get some more training under my belt.  And am now am feeling far more confident about what I can accomplish!



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