Moooovies. Osmosis Jones, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Thirteen Ghosts, Domestic Disturbance, Like Water for Chocolate.

Osmosis Jones. This, my friends, is a movie for all ages, unless you’re the age where you don’t have a sense of humor. My only caveat is that you should make sure you brush and floss before watching this movie. Trust me. Bonus question: Did you know that this is a Farrelly brothers movie?

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This, on the other hand, isn’t a movie for all ages. There are people who would argue successfully that this is a movie for people of no ages, but they’re wrong. This is a guilty pleasures movie. This is a Leslie Nielsen movie without Leslie Nielsen. I don’t recommend this movie for my mom, who’ll think it’s the stupidest thing to come down the pike since…uh…Michael Eisner. For those of you with DVD’s, keep an eye out for Jason Mewes off-screen…would you believe it? Terribly shy about girls.

Thirteen Ghosts. This was not a scary movie. That said, it was better than the gawdawful piece of trash I thought it would be. The plot was terrible. The ghosts weren’t all that disturbing. The glass house thing got old, although it was clever (and I was impressed by the work that went into filming it). What made this movie worth watching was the multidimensional characters. These were character characters, good gamer characters. It was more fun watching the character interaction than it was watching the walls slide all over. It wasn’t Gosford Park, but it worked as a pleasant surprise.

Domestic Disturbance. I didn’t bother watching but the last half-hour of this. What a piece of crap. See murder and suspense babble below.

Like Water for Chocolate. I like to cook, I like good chick flicks, I like South American magic realism. Based on a book by Laura Esqueviel. This is a comfort movie. Mmmm.