Fortune cookie.

“He that does not understand the bitter does not understand the sweet. Lucky numbers 2, 15, 21, 47.”

–That one’s been sitting on my desk at work for a while. The weirdest fortune cookie I ever got said, “You like apples.” That was it, no lucky numbers, no LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE on the back. I kept asking myself, “You like apples in bed? How does that work? Do I want to know?”

Other ones that I keep at work:

“The best years of your life have not yet been lived.”

“Always advance, never surrender.”

Which I need to be reminded of at work from time to time…Someone reminded me about the bitter and the sweet the other day, inadvertantly. I needed it. Things haven’t been delighting me as much as they used to; I’d been running away from the bitter and thus eluding the sweet.

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