Ray went over to her friend Brenna’s house. Brenna is a month and a half older than Ray and can talk very clearly, in complete sentences. I’m a jealous but supportive mother.

Brenna was playing with a toy broom when Ray decided she wanted the broom. Rather than taking the broom, she picked up a big ball and played with it until Brenna decided she wanted to play with the broom.

Ray dropped the ball. Brenna picked it up, and Ray went straight for the broom.

Brenna played with the ball for a few seconds before realizing she’d been had.

“Mine!” she said.

Brenna’s mom, Kirsten, had missed this. “Be nice, Brenna,” she said. “You need to share.”

I told her what Ray’d done. We laughed.

Ray dropped the broom, and Brenna picked it up. Then Brenna offered to give her back the broom. They dropped everything and chased each other through the halls, squealing happily.

All is well in toddler land.

P.S. I remember my best friend when I was little, a cousin of mine. We’d play and play and play, and then there would be a couple of hours when we hated each other. I don’t remember trying to trick her out of stuff (that was for my brother, Matt), but there you go.