More plain old just news. Reminds me of a Terry Pratchett line: “What they want is olds.

It snowed here. We have about a foot of snow all around the house. –Apparently, the further north you go, the worse it gets. As it is, most of the bitching around here (as opposed to Denver) appears to be mere freaking out by people that a) like to freak out or b) don’t do much driving in the snow. It’s cruel of me, I know, but now is hardly the time to get melodramatic in Colorado Springs. Maybe Manitou is a better place to get melodramatic. Or Monument. I’m glad the schools are closed, don’t get me wrong–the last thing you want is a bunch of kids driving around or a bunch of kids being driven around in this stuff. And snow days are a good thing.

I’m glad I didn’t sow the wildflowers, though.

We only had seven people out of twenty-two show up this morning, and we were the most staffed department in the building, according to a couple of the directors. The site shut down yesterday at four, so All Hell Has Broken Loose on the second mortgage front. So I went in to work, and I’m still looking at a mandatory Saturday. But there you go.

This morning, Lee and Ray got up as usual. Ray tried to turn on the TV, which wasn’t working for some reason, walked over to Lee and babbled at him for a moment, went back to the TV, tried to turn it on again and couldn’t. Then she marched right up to Mr. Lee, Her FATHER, the man in charge of morning cartoons, and said, “EHMO!”

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