Quick Notes. There’s a monster cold going around our house; Ray sounds terrible and Lee doesn’t sound much better. As for me, well, I’m fine. The yard is about 75% ready for flowers, but it’s supposed to snow sometime this week, so I’ll wait and fiddle with the fiddly things. The story is moving, albeit slowly; I’m trying to figure out how to cover a lot of information that doesn’t turn me on to write. Turn it into scenes? Do a flashback? Let the main character run over it in his mind while trying to figure something else out? All these things sound practical but personally uninteresting. So I’m thinking…how do I get from here to the cool parts? Or else, how do I turn this into a cool part? Hm. My workplace newsletter-writing capacity has expanded, and I have permission to do some work on it at home again. This is good, because I don’t have time for anything at work this week or next; the person that works with me full-time is out training a new crew in Phoenix, so we have 40% of the mogul-hours that we normally have. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Well, after she’s done, life will be better, since a good number of files are going to shunt off the workload, which is getting overheavy already, and it’s not even summer. Jesus! Didn’t you know it’s a bad economy? Why the hell are y’all buying houses?

Oh, yeah. The fed may drop the rate again.

The plans are somehow to get back to SD for Easter–don’t ask me how at this point. Ray is more cute than ever, making the transition into two-ness a little early (but we knew she was bright), and learning how to walk with mamma and dad holding hands. We went to Garden of the Gods yesterday and putzed around on the trails…we followed horses around. I could just see the look on her face: “Mamma, those are the biggest @#$@#$ dogs I’ve ever seeeeeeeeeeen.” I could tell she thought they were dogs by the way she barked at them.

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