Words back on the review. So Lee finally walked me through the first eight pages or so of the beginning of my novel. He doesn’t like it yet. The current problem in his opinion: not enough information. When you’re building a world, you can’t afford to…not build your world. Also, he said something about the characters that are going to be significant through the book need to be realized more quickly. Hm. Anyway, he liked the main character (which is a relief, since it was a major overhaul), and I got the impression that he was interested but too frustrated to enjoy reading it.

So. Finish the rest of this first section, go through the first eight pages again to include more information (and possibly develop the main character as well as a couple of the more important side characters), then beg him to read it some more.

Good review. Got my guts ripped out, but I don’t feel discouraged at all.