Writing on my new #WIP starts today.

With taking on more freelance projects, I’ve been doing a LOT less writing.  Funny…I have the time, all I need to do is cut back on dithering with emails, social networking, etc.  Same old, same old.  I’m going to install some wordcount tracking software on here next week to increase the embarrassment/accountability factor (funny, how being held accountable is a lot like being embarrassed), but for today to prevent too much further dithering, here’s the plan:

2K on days when I’m working freelancing projects or when Tony/Brittney are here.

6K on days when I’m just doing my own writing.


I’ve been working on a kids’ series for Ray that started when she was eight and didn’t like to read anything that wasn’t a) picture books or b) grown-up picture books (comics).  She reads a lot more now, but at eight, she was bored silly with Junie B. Jones, Ramona, etc., and didn’t give a rat’s ass about books for kids who were older than her.  I could get a few Magic Treehouses down her, but that was about it.  She read mostly nonfiction about animals.

So.  I asked her what kind of story she wanted, and she said “an adventure story with spies and magic.”  I started telling it to her verbally, but I couldn’t keep track of it all in my head, so it got turned into a book…that she read in two sittings, hogging my computer.

As she gets older, I write more books.  Each book is about a kid who shares the same name, is the same age, and has the same problems, the same concerns.

So.  This is book 4 of 5, will be about 50K, and needs to have the next book right after that.  So I’ll probably be writing 100K of the rest of the series, right in a row.

Book 1 has been on submission for over a year and has received nothing but rejections:  middle grade (10-14)  sells.  Chapter books (for kids 6-9) don’t.  It’s not a perfect story, but it apparently hit the spot and has continued to do so, so there might just be a market for it.  Book 1 is the next book I’m putting out, after I get the POD of Chance Damnation all wrapped up.  I’m going to put up the whole series in a row, because they’re kind of like Harry Potter in that each story can stand alone, there’s an overarching plot.  I, myself, have been known to wait until all the books in that kind of series to come out before I let myself get invested in them, because it’s annoying.

Word count for the day: 6070.

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