Goal of the day: think.

Projects up next: “The Name of the Feather,” to be edited. “The Best of All Possible Beauregards,” still in first-draft stage. “Death by Chocolate,” in dire need of a rewrite. Plan: reread Feather. Try to imagine, if Lee can’t help me on this one, an imaginary audience for the story. Consider whether I’ve pleased them. Take a break from the story. Work on Beauregard until I get sick of it again, and switch for Chocolate for a while with the intention to get it in the mail. Possible interruptions for new ideas.

I wrote Chocolate two Octobers ago, but I didn’t feel like I had the ability to get it edited the way I wanted. It remains my favorite story so far: a woman makes a deal with the devil…either she can have eternal youth and beauty, or she can have chocolate.

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