I won’t celebrate Patriot Day tomorrow. I won’t dress up in red, white, and blue. I won’t light candles, I won’t pass on any chain letters. People died; I’ll be mourning.

I can’t say I haven’t been a bigot about Islam and Islamic countries in the last year. I can’t say I don’t think we shouldn’t use terrorist tactics against terrorists and the countries that support them. I can’t even say that I oppose the loss of some of our freedoms — but I can’t say I’m proud of these things. I lost innocence; I’ll be morning.

I spent a decade without the daily fear of worldwide holocaust. More people will die; more people will lose their freedom; more people will turn to fundamentalism and bigotry; more injustice and suffering will eat away at our hearts until we just want them all dead. Whoever they are. There will be no healing; I’ll be mourning.

The day after that I’ll have hope.