Weaseling around the edges.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been transitioned to a new position at work — to QC, actually. So far, everything’s fine with the people on the floor. My partner and I have been working our butts off to give feedback, do research on questions, even putting out a cute little newsletter so everyone, God Help Me, is on the same page.


The only problem is a couple of the supes. I won’t say everything I want to say here, because people at work may be reading this, but cripes already. If you have a problem with the process, don’t mess with the grunts. I don’t get to make the decisions — I only get to make recommendations. Everything I initiate goes through umpteen different people before it hits the floor. And I won’t sneak anybody in behind the lines.

Guess what? I have some integrity when it comes to the job. I hate the situations I get in when I don’t stick to it, so I stick to it. I’ve already had three different people try to push my limits on it. I do my job. I don’t lie, I don’t try to paint thing as better than they are (altough I’m melodramatic enough to try the reverse from time to time, alas), and I don’t tinker with the numbers to get something that looks good. I try to err on the side of kindness, but I’d rather be fair.

Get it?

Do you get it yet?

How about now?

I still haven’t changed my mind. Did you notice?