Here are some things I want to remember:

She and the cat get along now. She’ll sit beside the cat and pat him (not gently) until…well, pretty much until she gets so excited that she throws herself over backwards and lies there giggling to herself.

She tongue-kisses herself in the mirror whenever we put her on the edge of the bathroom sink.

She’s an inch taller than a thirteen-month old baby she was playing with at the library. They peeked at each other through a hole in the books on the shelf. Ray kept fleeing to my leg every time the girl, Alyssa, came toward her, so Alyssa let Ray chase her around the circulation desk.

She squints when she smiles sometimes, just to be especially flirty and cute.

When you say, “Where’s the kitty?” she’ll look around for him, even crawl from room to room looking for him.

It’s very rare, but sometimes she’ll just suck her thumb and look like she’s thinking hard about something.

She’s not afraid of the vaccuum cleanner, but at least I’ve got her to where she won’t chase the cord anymore.

Will sit contentedly in her highchair and eat biter biscuits. Still hates baby food. Loves ice cream and all types of bread.

Her babbles are starting to sound like someone speaking English backwards.

She likes to bang on things to see if they’ll make noise.

She likes to rock the banana chairs — I don’t think she’s pinched fingers or toes in them yet. She got ahold of the plastic lawn chair the other day, and banged it and shook it until she tipped it (and herself) over. She laughed and laughed.

She likes to play peek, hiding around corners. Today we played peek between the rungs of a chair — it didn’t seem to matter that she could always see me, it was just that we were behind something and peeking around it. I stuck my toes through the rungs and she squealed with laughter.

She just crawled over the cat, who lay there.

She’s been taking 2-3 naps per day. For as much energy she has when she’s awake, it’s amazing that she sleeps that much.

Sometimes Lee will wake up with her sleeping beside him, because she can climb up onto the bed.

She still wakes up to nurse during the night.

I am so wrapped around her little finger.