August 2006

Meme of the Day

1. The book nearest me: TONKA (R) MIGHTY CRANE…It’s big. It’s tall. It’s the TONKA crane! 2. Stretch out your left arm; what do you touch? Lee’s desk. 3. Last thing watched on television: Probably something on MTV with my siblings when they were in town. 4. Without looking, what time is it? 5:07 p.m. …

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Two Rachael Jokes

1. Who let the owls out?Who? Who? Who? Who?Who let the owls out?Who? Who? Who? Who? 2. Hey, what’s this?[Pinches her lips together and blows a raspberry through them.]A balloon fart! –Age 4 1/2

Blowfish Poisoning

More research, blogger Lew Rockwell‘s description of eating Fugu, otherwise known as a pufferfish. Not only do pufferfish have big, nasty spiky things to prevent themselves from being eaten, they’re fatal to anything that does manage to choke one down.