Review: V for Vendetta

The DVD just came out…

I have to say I was surprised. From various things I’d heard, I was ready for this movie to suck. It didn’t. Not a stupid movie, not a one-sided movie, not a poorly-put-together movie. I can’t say I’ve been overwhelmed with affection for this movie, not the way, say, I’m overwhelmed with affection for The Princess Bride or The City of Lost Children, but I liked it.

I should note: I loved Stephen Rea’s performance as the inspector. Casting Hugo Weaving as V was a brilliant idea, but it’s Stephen Rea who puts the soul into this movie.


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  1. ***Dave Hill

    I really need to borrow this from someone who’s actually gone out and bought it.

  2. DeAnna

    Hey…we’ll bring it up next time.

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