Hula dance volunteers?

Guess what I spent 45 minutes doing Thursday morning and getting paid for it? Writing (cough) poetry. Bad poetry. Doggerel. For the usual somewhat-humilitating, always-pointless, ubiquitous, the-big-boss-is-coming greeting skit. The management of our inestimable department, however, picked moi for the task of writing the stuff. Obviously they have more taste than your average corporate lower-level management.

It’s silly stuff, but that’s what I’m good at.

The performance went off Friday; alas, it was after I’d gone home for the day. The summer theme of the department (they do these things in order to keep our busy little minds off the internet) is “The Survivor Show.” So when the bigwigs showed up, our department was in their best business casual attire, dressed in grass skirts, holding up plastic tiki masks, and declaiming a poem, “Ode to Loan Reg.” By yours truly.

Ah, the power.