Words back from Banshee.

Apparently the editors figured out where I have my blog–not that I make a secret of it–and read the post I put up:

“All rights (I read your blog – nosy, aren’t I?) remain with the author – we put a copyright statement at the end of each piece with the author’s name and a date. Also, simultaneous submissions or material that’s been previously published elsewhere is fine. Of course, we like the new stuff best, but…we try to remain flexible.”

At this point, I don’t think submitting previously published material is going to be a problem, unless I dig back in the files and pull stuff out from Darkwaves & Larkwings. Or the Book of Girls, which never saw print, now that I think about it. Hm….while I might post the cronepome for curiosity’s sake, I don’t think I’ll submit that stuff anywhere. Submitting, just keeping track of my writerly projects once they leave my abode, well, that takes time and mental energy. Focus. I don’t think I need to spread my focus to poetry, since…it’d just be getting the old stuff out of the house. I don’t intend to write poetry much any more.

Not that I have anything against poetry, mind you, but my best poems could have been written as stories, anyway, and I’d much rather write stories.

At any rate, the snippit about clowns shall be thusly posted.

I suggested the site to the chica at work who’s working on her children’s fiction-writing class. She said, “Hm. Interesting.” So I e-mailed her the web address.

We’ll see.

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