Since I don’t have anything major to promote for myself today, allow me to present some interesting bits of late:

  • The Pikes Peak “Write Your Heart Out” half-day thingy on Valentine’s Day, which will have lots of speakers.  Julie Kazimer!  Jennie Marts!  I will see you!
  • The Queers Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter only has three days left.  They have met their goals and then some.  That is all.
  • The Problem with Action Movies Today,” via Dave Hill, has lots of good Writer Stuff.  I also watched “The Problem with Horror Movies Today,” but that just wasn’t as sharply insightful.
  • Writers!  Please read The Copyright Handbook!  It’s thick and has lawyerspeak!  Leave it in the bathroom and read it slowly, I don’t care!  Just read it!  How do you know if you’re ready to publish?  You’ve read The Copyright Handbook!
  • I have a series of posts about early childhood memories that’s been running over the last couple of months.  They build on each other; I’d start at the beginning of the series if you’re interested.
  • JT Evans wrote an excellent post about being creative and having mental disorders that I found very close to home in spots.  Highly recommended.
  • Check out my massage therapist, Jen at Tranquil Balance, who helped me put myself back together again after my slip on the ice in January.  She’s excellent 🙂


Or not, because I didn’t mention it.

2014_12_25 1036

The current lineup of ZZ Top: Larry, Darryl, and Daryl, not a brother, but the sexy slaughter machine from The Walking Dead.

We received knit beards that velcro into matching hats for Christmas, from my family back in South Dakota. (From my sister-in-law Erica, Mom, or both…I told Erica that Lee ABSOLUTELY had to have one of these, and apparently things got out of control.  We weren’t the only ones who got these!)  Merry February!  I still haven’t sent stuff yet!