A Procession of Faeries #4: Water Faeries

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On a rock by the shore sits a mermaid fair 
Dreaming of her lost lover as she combs her hair 

Kelpies, and selkies, and the great snakes of the sea 
All stop and listen as she sings of a love never to be 

For the sailor she saved from those dark, storm-tossed waves 
Got back on his ship, and sailed away 

Now the mermaid’s alone, with broken-hearted dreams 
And far, far away the sailor stares out at the sea 

Fifteen stories about mermaids, kelpies, and other magical water creatures.

What if the Loch Ness monster is more than a myth?

Where did the Lady of the Lake go after leaving Avalon?

Can a mermaid ever truly leave the sea, and follow her lover to land?

This collection includes fifteen tales about sirens, kelpies, mermaids, sea monsters, naiads, and other enchanted creatures of the water.

Enjoy the magic and wonder of these watery tales of Faerie!