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Go to for a coupon for “Abominable” (horror, adult) from today – Sunday.

I was going to just do one of these things a week, but 1) stuff changes too fast and 2) the more I dig, the more there is to know.

Okay, via Dean, a list of major ebook markets:
Barnes & Noble
Ebooks About Everything

and Smashwords, although I suspect Smashwords is more of a wholesaler than a retailer. Sad, because they’re so smoooth to use, as a reader.

So. I posted books at Smashwords, B&N, and, 5 as DeAnna Knippling and 3 as De Kenyon. I also have a print book (Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse) from Doom Press. All but one ebook went up starting April 4 or so, one or two a week.

Amazon: 6 DeAnna, 3 De (all)
Barnes & Noble: 6 DeAnna, 3 De (all)
Sony (Reader Store): 0 DeAnna, 1 De
Kobo: 0 0
Powell’s: 1 (print) 0
Ebooks about Everything: 0 Closed Can’t find?!? 0 0
Diesel Ebooks: 1 DeAnna (Haunted Empire, clearly marked via Smashwords), 2 De (also via SW)
And everything’s up on Smashwords.

Okay, so how are books getting/not getting to these sites? Where are the paths, and how long do they take?

Clearly, time to do more digging.


Rebecca notes there is also XinXii, so I’ll add that to the list:  0 books.

And Google Books: Choose Your Doom is there, but that’s it.

Update 2:

Hachette, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster have just announced that they’re going to have an ebook market at, starting July or thereabouts:

Lemgruber says the content will be a mix of aggregation, material supplied by publishers and authors, community-driven lists, and original material. But “the main editorial goal is to provide great recommendations” on what to read next. The site will also be “optimized for tablets and mobile.”

Update 3:

Ran into a question of whether Goodreads had most books available.


There’s a link at the bottom of your books/ebooks that leads to a list of places where your book can be purchased.  An indirect retailer?

I found out that Choose Your Doom is available at all kinds of places, like IndyBound.

To answer the original question–Goodreads had most of my work; it’s missing the story I posted as DeAnna this week (Abominable) and one of my De stories (Attack of the 50-Foot Sushi Monster).

Update 4:

Another market,



Abominable on sale!


Contracts blog.


  1. There is also XinXii, a European ebook seller at Exciting how more and more places for selling our ebooks show up every day! Power to the readers!

  2. De

    Good point. Adding it.

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