Good News Thursday

I have stuff to celebrate today!  No new book contracts or anything, but good stuff.  Plus, I have enough on the alien feast done that I don’t want to spend an hour researching stuff this morning…WRITECITEMENT!

  • I bought up the leftover Choose Your Doom:  Zombie Apocalypse books back from the Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference.  So now if you’d like to buy a signed copy, let me know.  (I’m still nagging to get the outstanding reviewers’ copies owed from Doom Press.)
  • League Entertainment, which covers Doom Press, has set up what sounds like an unprecedented deal with Ingram (major distributor), so they can go directly through Ingram’s rather than a third-party…which should mean that our constant distribution problems are over.  I hope.  I really hope this means we can move forward with Book 2 soon.
  • I had a story, “Miracle, TX,” published at Nil Desperandum as an audiostory.  Yesterday, I did a phone interview with the editor, Jim Phillips.  He asked some really interesting questions that I had to answer from my subconscious, because I hadn’t fully thought them through before.  Plus, good things about CYD:ZA said there, too.
  • Important milestone for Wonderland Press:  I started out June with 11 things up; on the 22nd I had sold, on average, two copies per story.  On my third real month of publishing, without any novels to help pull up numbers.  From various people I’ve talked to, I guesstimated hitting 5 per month when I had around 30-35 stories up, so I feel like I’m on track after a month of second-guessing myself.  If I count the free stories, I have a LOT more stories out this month, but I’m still playing around with how to think about that.  I totally wish more of my stories went out free.
  • Back of the Book Reviews gave me an abundance of review love this month, on Zombie Girl Invasion, Bunny Attack!, and The Debt:  A Zombie Tale. HOW?!?  I’ve been watching how many books they review.  HOW?!?  My powers of speed-reading now seem so weak.  But I love it.
  • There are probably more good things, but I’m in a bubbly mood, and I’m hungry, so it’s time to work on the cooking cozy, which reminds me, Ian said nice things about chapter 1 yesterday:  “This is a delightful beginning. Your voice has improved remarkably since the last time I read some of your work. This feels very natural and has an excellent flow to it. I enjoyed reading it. :)”

Ian just posted this:

Which is so very nice, and I think I deserve a reward today, so I’m going to get a copy.  Click on the picture if you want a copy from Smashwords, too, or or Barnes & Noble.


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