An O. Henry Love Story.


Lee took Ray out to give me some writing time (and to give Ray out-of-the-house time) and picked up Variable Star, by Robert Heinlein and Spider Robinson, and some good chocolate for me.

I finished up writing, decided I needed COFFEE, and picked up World War Z, by Max Brooks (also wrote The Zombie Survival Guide) while I was at Borders. Darling, I love you. Have some zombies. Sucked me in for a good forty minutes at the bookstore, anyway. Lee says, “Interesting.”


What D. Saw…


The Lessons of Scooby Doo


  1. ***Dave Hill

    Let me know what you think of _Variable Star_ — I’m both a Heinlein and Robinson fan, and know with how much respect the latter holds the former.

    Waiting, though, for the paperback edition …

  2. mattanderica

    Speaking of zombies…the series Red vs. Blue had a PSA recently. And it was about that there are two types of people in the world, one that has a survival plan for when the zombies that take over the world and ones that don’t. One of the guy’s plans is to go to Alaska, since zombies have no internal body temp, they’d freeze into corpsicles.

    And another weird concidence, the movie Resident Evil 3 set for 2007…they are trying to get away to Alaska.

    And I don’t remember now if it was Lee or not that like Mila in the other ones or not, but if it was…yes she’s in this one too.

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