Spent a good part of the evening talking to someone, and I don’t think I’ve ever used the term before, I can only think of as a “flaming liberal.” A crazy Norwegian lady, she would talk about the things that were wrong with America, and then do them. “Nobody listens,” she’d say. “People don’t know how to communicate.” And then she a) wouldn’t shut up and b) tell me she didn’t want to learn how to use the Internet, because she didn’t have the time. Bitch about American commercialism…after drinking a $3.60 latte out of a paper cup. Talk about how unwilling religious people were to do anything other than convert other people…and then spend her time trying to brainwash me into agreeing with her point of view (in the few places I actually disagreed with her).

It was at turns interesting and dull, but mostly just amusing. “I have this idea for a book…” she said. But she didn’t want to write it, because…she didn’t have the time. But she had two hours to talk to me in a coffee shop, eh?

But we had fun bashing Bush. She categorized him as an idiot, pure and simple. “But he’s cunning,” I said. “Oh, no, it was all Karl Rove,” she denied. “He knows how to manipulate people,” I countered. And then we got into how $19.2 billion in cash (cash — shyea, that was a good idea, let’s send cash) intended to rebuild infrastructure in Iraq disappeared off a plane coordinated by Cheney’s folks…and I say but that’s really just a small drop in the bucket, which outrages her to no end: “That’s the kind of thing that needs to be stopped! That money could have been invested in improving the water supply!”

Two hours I didn’t get any editing done. It truly is an ill wind that blows no good…