Horror movies.

Lee cleverly points out that there are few, if any, horror movies that aren’t based on some kind of love interest (in the widest sense) or sexual tension. Clearly, he has the broader experience here, but I have to agree with him. My guess is that horror relies on vulnerability; nothing makes us more vulnerable than the people and things we love and the people we share our bodies with.


An Evening with a Liberal


The verbal arts.

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  1. Dale

    Speaking of scary movies, I recently stumbled across one called, “The Abandoned”. I hadn’t ever seen any advertising for it, but it was surprisingly good. I really liked the small touches the director made sure to add. So it turns out that it was 1 of 8 films played at the 2006 Horror fest. And as they had previews for the other 7 (which mostly looked good too). I’m gonna check em out!

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