You know how for some people, it’s easier to do something if it’s for someone else’s sake, not your own?  I’m that way about writer stuff.  If I weren’t doing it in order to accomplish the writing dream, I wouldn’t do it because:

  • I don’t deserve it (I may have mentioned I have self-confidence issues),
  • and I hate moving out of my comfort zone.

It’s almost like my dream to be a writer belongs to an entirely different person.  I want to say it’s the writer I am becoming–but it’s probably really for my inner two-year-old.

Right, I massively screwed up some promotions stuff for this book, so I’m gonna keep harping on it for a bit:  My new cheesy ’80s horror novelette is out!  The start of a series.  The next book is written already even!  Three woman go after a supernatural serial killer, looking for bloody, vicious revenge… By Dawn’s Bloody Light.