December 2010

2010 in Writing.

It encourages me when I add up the actual numbers, so I’m going to to that more often. I feel like I don’t accomplish anything, looking at it on a day-to-day basis, because I always plan to get more done, and fail. Ah, brains. They’re funny that way. Short Stories in 2010 Short stories written: …

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Christmas De-light

I don’t usually do holiday commemorative posts, unless it’s “here’s the recipes for the food we ate” kind of thing, and then I usually put them up on my food blog.  The reason for this is that holidays are usually either a) satisfying in a boring kind of way, or b) difficult to talk about. …

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Is Steampunk Dead?

I hear this question: Is steampunk dead? (Actually, I hear, “Is it dead yet? Now is it dead yet? How about now?) I’m going to set aside the issue of whether I like steampunk or not. I think ~punk will continue to evolve. Other ~punks, like dieselpunk, are shoving their way onto the scene; whether …

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