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For those of you who have read Stephen Brust, it sounds like the Enron collapse followed the plot of the book Orca. Minus the assassination.

I was listening to NPR today…

Christmas in July.


No crowds. No cards. No snow. No turkey.

It was a lovely day. I think we’ll do this again. Pictures when I feel like it.

Alison Krauss.

I finally got around to listening to Alison Krauss and the Union Station’s New Favorite last night. Wow.

Alison Krauss sounds like Dolly Parton without all the bad producers. She was one of the female vocalists from the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack — that’s how I’d heard of her — and the man who does the singing voice for George Clooney is part of the band.

I do not recommend this album for anyone who genuinely likes most of the contemporary country music on the radio, but for people who like bluegrass, folk, blues, and old country. Listen to the samples here.

Woo Hoo!
Blogger now allows pictures…

Christmas in July Approacheth.

You better be good, or the tiki gods will EAT you!



No plot details will be revealed. Please skip if you want no hints.

I tell myself from time to time that I should slow down when I’m reading. The problem is, I usually ignore myself. I picked up HP yesterday at Borders (I’ve decided that this is the most constructive place to write; therefore, I buy most of my books there out of loyalty) at ten, continued to function as a responsible adult, and still finished the book by eight thirty last night. So I really didn’t get anything out of the book as a writer. But I had to know what happened.

Afterwards, I lay in the bathtub. I didn’t feel anything. I got out of the bathtub. Everything was annoying. I ate something and told myself that my daughter was not being annoying. I asked Lee to give me a hug. “I thought you might need one,” he said. I took Ray to Target and picked up some cookies. We came home and ate cookies. By the time I went to bed, I felt sad, heavy and sad, heavy and angry and sad. I don’t remember my dreams.

A good way to say something bad about someone you don’t like:

Pindakaashoofd (PIN-da-kaw-show-ft)

This is Dutch for “peanut butter head.”

Greek salad.

I’ve made greek salad vinagrette before, but I’ve never been happy with it. Last night, I tried a different technique. Very good.

First, assemble your salad in a bowl sufficient to hold it, adding ingredients as desired.

Next, crush a clove of garlic using a garlic press or smash with the side of a knife into a paste. Flick garlic onto the salad — I’d say, about a quarter of a clove for an entree salad, or half that for a side salad. At any rate, if you find yourself reaching for more than a single clove of garlic, you’re probably going too far. Use less rather than more.

Finally, add a teaspoon each of good, extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice per entree salad (half that for a side salad) and toss. Shake some salt and freshly-ground black pepper over the salad, toss again.

If the salad is bland, you need more lemon juice and a little more salt.

Fact or myth?

Smoothies are good for you.


Chocolate cherry smoothies:

1 pt. high-quality chocolate ice cream
1 c. pitted ripe cherries (slice down the middle, twist open, pick out pit)
1 c. milk (or less)
6 ice cubes
whipped cream (do not use fake whipped cream)

Blenderize. If the smoothie doesn’t turn purple, add more cherries. Top with whipped cream. I’d say three servings, but I’d be wrong.

I suppose you could add some good chocolate syrup or hot fudge (unheated) to it.


I’m tired of my blog. Revamping as inspiration hits, within the squashed confines of my HTML talents.

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