Greek salad.

I’ve made greek salad vinagrette before, but I’ve never been happy with it. Last night, I tried a different technique. Very good.

First, assemble your salad in a bowl sufficient to hold it, adding ingredients as desired.

Next, crush a clove of garlic using a garlic press or smash with the side of a knife into a paste. Flick garlic onto the salad — I’d say, about a quarter of a clove for an entree salad, or half that for a side salad. At any rate, if you find yourself reaching for more than a single clove of garlic, you’re probably going too far. Use less rather than more.

Finally, add a teaspoon each of good, extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice per entree salad (half that for a side salad) and toss. Shake some salt and freshly-ground black pepper over the salad, toss again.

If the salad is bland, you need more lemon juice and a little more salt.

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