After a long summer filled with petition hounds at every major place you can buy groceries in town, I am tired of filling out paperwork. I am tired of being hassled by people whose petitions I don’t want to sign, either because I’m busy* or because I don’t want to see the damned thing on the ballot. Rude people who chase after me after I say “no” several times and then are shocked when I refuse to have anything further to do with them, no matter how shiny their cause du jour, because I recognize them.

The petitioners are probably tired of me, too.

Tired-looking black guy at Sam’s: M’am? Are you a registered Colorado voter?

Me: Yep.

Guy: At your current address?

Me: Yep.

Guy: Really.

Me: Yep.

Guy: So…you’re all ready to go.

Me: Yep.

Guy: [Smiles] Okay.

One woman had a stack of FOURTEEN petitions. I skipped her the first day and caught her the next.

2 thoughts on “Yep.”

  1. 14 petitions? The date to have turned those in was months ago.

    Yes, while out and about this weekend I did see several Voter Registration booths and all of them were friendly as I walked by. One group even cheered when I told them that I had been registered since ’84. =P

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