Writer’s Lessons, Writer’s Nightmares

I had another night full of nightmares about going out of business.

People have tried to give me good advice on the writing business.  I’ve listened, but I’ve made the mistakes anyway.  There are some lessons you can only learn by living through them, I think; those lessons vary from person to person, but these are mine:  to be so ambitious as to count my chickens before they hatch; to take risks that might increase success but might also sink me; to count on things happening when people say they’re going to happen.  To assume.

Nobody is going to guard your business but yourself.

Writer’s lesson, writer’s nightmare.  You think you’ve learned it, but there’s always time to learn it again.


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  1. I sincerely hope nothing bad has happened in your waking writing life.

    • De

      Nothing overwhelming: a perfectly predictable storm of minor disappointments that add up to “Well, they told me there would be days like this.”

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