That is, the type of entertainment you turn to in times of trouble?  The Bible actually works with this (the New Testament, anyway), so pick something else.

I have predictions about what type of story you’ll pick.

Okay:  My guess is that this work is about an unlikely band of adventurers who arise to challenge or defend an established order.

  • The characters’ goals conflict.
  • One of the characters is a dishonest or wily bastard, a character with a hidden agenda.
  • One of the bad guys will change sides (or has been on Our Heroes’ side all along).
  • One of the good guys is killed or removed from the game, usually a mentor or love interest.
  • The love interests have a conflicted history behind them, somehow keeping them apart.

How did it work?

The mystery WFH project is moving along well; I just finished the first draft yesterday.  When I was trying to figure out what <i>had</i> to go in the story, though, I came around to the idea that the types of story in the genre that I liked were funny…and contained the items above.  And then I thought back to the TV shows I’ve actually watched (I’m lazy about TV shows, sorry), and they fit the same pattern.  And my favorite movies of all time…

I like movies about the lone hero (or heroine) who rights wrongs, but to me, it’s all about the people who have to learn how to get along in order to do so, from <i>Princess Bride</i> to <i>Firefly</i>.