Upcoming Writer Stuff

September 16: September Write Brain (Getting ready for the 2009 Pikes Peak Writers Contest)
September 17-20: Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Trade Show
October 3-4: Author Fest of the Rockies, Manitou Springs
October 18: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict with Deb Dixon
October 21: October Write Brain (Story Structure/Daniel Abraham)
October 24-26: MileHiCon in Denver (GOH: Jim Butcher)

I am skipping the first three, have paid for the fourth, planning on the fifth, and considering the sixth. Let me know if you’re considering going any of them, especially to MileHiCon — or if you’ve gone before.

November: NaNoWriMo.


Writerly Ramble.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: New Book!


  1. The Fierce

    [waves] I’ve been a “Participant” at MileHiCon for the last handful of years (meaning, on panels, running games, that kind of thing.) I’ll be there and am more than happy to point people in the right direction(s).

  2. Randy

    Haven’t gone in a while.
    Thinking about it this year — Butcher.
    MHC is good for actually meeting the authors and artists who attend.

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